Ocanus – Quiz Maker

The proposed problem:

Build up a platform for Online English quizzes and exams for teachers. Be able to make all kinds of questions for all kinds of exams (Grammar, Ielts, Toiec and more) and track the result in detail.


  • Build up the features to help teachers create 5 main question types.
  • Build up the feature of tracking results accurately and in detail for both teachers and students.
  • Limit the time for doing quizzes or the number of submissions.
  • Automatically release the quiz result based on the score.
  • Build up a quiz library so that teachers can import the quiz by just one click.
  • Upload image, video, the audio
  • Friendly-user for both teachers and students.


PHP, Laravel, RESTful APIs, Web Services, MySQL, Bootstrap, Reactjs, React Native