Chain Store System For A Business

The proposed problem:

The client is the owner of a fashion brand with a chain of stores. Each store has its own brand as well as a separate operating management system. For example, each store has the permission to decide on personnel matters, product advertising campaigns, discount codes as well as inventory management. The customer management system of each store is different, however, within the same chain, stores can still share customers with each other.

The business owner’s problem is to build a system that helps to smoothly manage the operations of the stores in the chain such as being able to manage all information about the stores, implementation plan, and track the revenue of each store, then compare. In addition, business owners want every time they open a new store, they can quickly create a website for that store.
Moreover, their customers are Japanese, so they want to integrate with Line’s system such as line login, line pay, line message. Stores can send text messages to customers via line.


WordPress, Woocommerce, network, line API, line pay, rest API, jquery, html5, css3