Employee management system of the insurance company

The proposed problem:

There are many agents in an insurance company. Each agent includes a lot of subsidiaries working according to the multilevel model. A successfully approved insurance contract must go through many rounds and levels. And it is necessary to manage employees according to different regions and countries. Therefore, the problem is to build a system that meets the following requirements
Ensure the operation is based on a multi-level model, subordinate agents can only view contracts at that level, senior agents will review and approve lower-level agents.

Multi-round review model, each user represents a step, through step 1 to step 2, through all steps is considered as a completed contract.
The user can only view/edit for the contract under that jurisdiction, or 1 step of the contract in that jurisdiction.
Ensure the operating system is supported by country/region. Staffs of that country/region are only able to view/edit contracts in that country/region. In addition, the management level will have more access.


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