Law firm networks

The proposed problem:

  • The client wants to develop a network for law firms in Canada. The law firms can exchange, organize events, sell tickets to attend through the system. The firms can post the recruitment news there, and everyone can see information about law firms such as names, addresses, members, and so on
  • The main functions of this system:
  • Each company needs to have a representative to sign up first, after being confirmed by the admin, this representative needs to buy a membership subscription.
  • The representative, after becoming an official member, can register an account for the company and the number of members for the company. This will be renewed annually.
  • Company members can participate in social networking or forum on the system with certain rights.
  • Each company representative can create an event and sell tickets for that event.
  • Each company representative can create certain rights for members of the company such as attending events, inviting events, creating jobs, posting jobs, searching for information, ….


WordPress, memberpress, bbpress, payment gateway, PHP, jobboard, events,….